About the foundation




Aquapark is managed by the Mokotowska Fundacja Warszawianka - Wodny Park Foundation. The Foundation strives to actively support the sporting development of children and young people, creating a sporting culture amongst the youngest members of society.


Aquapark is the organiser of sporting ventures: "Winter in the City" and "Summer in the City" for children and young people spending their holidays in Warsaw, together with the social and educational campaign "Safe Holidays", the aim of which is to educate children as to how to safely enjoy water and which dangers can arise while taking advantage of open bodies of water. Every year he facility holds swimming competitions, championships and Olympics for children and youth.


Many Warsaw primary, junior high and secondary schools hold swimming lessons at the pool. With particular emphasis on the physical development of children and young people, 70 training and swimming skills perfection groups for children from 3 years and young people have been created under a large-scale marketing campaign over the last few years.


The Mokotowska Fundacja Warszawianka - Wodny Park Foundation also takes an active part in supporting disabled people. Aquapark has cooperated with centers such as the Voivodship Branch of the National Autism Association and the Independent Local Centre of the Civic Educational Association "Give a Chance" for many years, enabling sick and disabled children to have access to regular rehabilitation.  


In 2005 it achieved a Q quality mark in the contest for the best sports and recreational facility of the year in the Masovian region as organised by the weekly magazine Wprost. It also secured 1st place in the Best of Warsaw 2005 competition, which was held by readers of the monthly English-language magazine "Warsaw Insider".  



Aquapark began as a project to modernise the well-known and popular Warszawianka Sports Club outdoor swimming pool.


The Mokotowska Fundacja Warszawianka - Wodny Park Foundation was established in 1996 by representatives of the Warszawianka Sports Club, the Warsaw Centrum Borough Government Office and the Warsaw Mokotow District Government Office.


The Foundation managed implementation of the project, which with time was subject to numerous modifications. Land for the swimming pool complex was made available by the Warszawianka Sports Club. Funds were allocated by the Warsaw local authority. The latest technologies were applied during the project implementation.


The design was created by architect inżynier Paweł Tiepłow of Elimp Sp. z o.o. and construction was undertaken by Mitex S.A.


The swimming pool was opened in May 1999, with the recreation section and health & wellness facilities being opened in July the following year.


The facility is located on a plot of area 1.8 ha.

Gross covered area amounts to 6,797.1 m2.

Total facility area is 15,782 m2.

Floorage is 14,662 m2.

The capacity of both sections is 71,216 m3.